Thursday, October 16, 2008

Final order for October 17, 2008



Please note that we have lots of announcements following our list here.   Especially important are the schedule changes and the information on special orders. 


Thanks for being a part of our co-op!


Cyndi and Martha


Regular/Mixed Veggies

Green beans



Red Butter Lettuce (Redlands only)

Green Leaf Lettuce (all groups except Redlands, double portion for Doral)

Asparagus (Redlands only - choose between the green leaf lettuce or asparagus)


Yellow Jumbo Onions

Yukon Gold Potatoes


Butternut Squash

Green Peppers (except Doral)

Kiwi (except Doral)

Pluots (Doral only)

Pears (except Cutler Bay)

Golden Delicious Apples (Cutler Bay only)


Yellow Nectarines


Fruit Share

Redlands: Pineapple, Gala Apples, Mango, Pluots

Cutler Bay: Gala Apples, Green Seedless Grapes, Pluots, Pears

Coral Gables: Pineapple, Gala Apples, Green Seedless Grapes, Pluots



 Your host will be happy to receive any clean plastic bag donations and remember to bring your blue bags back. 


If you have already gotten a chance to try out our veggies but haven't made a commitment to join, we ask that you please pay the membership fee of $20 and prepay for your items if you wish to continue.  This gives us stability as a group and allows us to use our resources responsibly.  Speak to your host if you have any questions about this or send an email to


IMPORTANT: Note the schedule change coming up.  We will have a three week stretch after this week's pick up in order to make it easier for us all over the holidays.  After the pick up on the 17th of Oct., we will not pick up again until the 7th of November.  We will then continue with every two weeks.  (This allows us not to have to come the day after Thanksgiving or the day after Christmas as well as allowing us to keep our calendars open for fall activities on the 31st of October.)   We thank you all for "Co-op"erating with us!


Now Available!!!

Special Orders: Please talk to your host if interested.


Certified Organic Eggs from Free Roaming Hens ($3.50 a dozen)

Organic Olive Oil First Cold Pressed from Turkey ($14 for 17 oz) – minimum of 9

Raw Local Honey ($15 a half gallon, $6 for pint jar ~ special introductory price~) –

            available now at Redlands and Coral Gables

Fish pate – no preservatives – choice of white fish, salmon, and Mahi-mahi 

($10 a pound) –  (Available for sale at Redlands and Coral  Gables)

Please note: this item is handmade so you will notice slight changes each time.  We are getting the product that is commercially prepared for the health food stores.


Almonds, Almonds, Almonds - I have just been made aware of an incredible deal for our co op group with Almonds and I have to share it.  As many of you know, almonds are highly nutritious. The almond crop is just coming off the trees in California. We have been offered raw, unpasteurized almonds, straight off the trees for 5.00 per pound. That includes shipping.


These almonds are organic and ready to be sprouted, toasted, roasted or eaten directly from the shells, a commodity that is hard to come by and a price that really can't be beat. The almonds can be stored for up to 1 year in dry storage and longer if you freeze or chill them.


If anyone is interested in ordering, please contact me via email. I will be accepting personal checks as well as paypal transactions through Saturday, October 18. You can place your order with me at the Redland group on Friday as well. We have to order in 100 pound increments however with the amount of people in our co – op and with neighbors and friends, I can't imagine that will be an issue.   The order needs to be placed in the next two weeks, so if interested, get in on it now!



Have a great day –

Shelah Davis

(Redlands host in charge of special orders)