Sunday, December 16, 2012

Order for Tuesday, December 18th

To all hosts, members and guests,

Enjoy the bounty of the season as we have lots of local items.  Apple prices are dropping and we should be seeing them more regularly.  Florida citrus is also in full swing so we will have a good variety coming for the next few months.  (Please note there may be substitutions due to pricing and availability, but the following list is what I am looking to get for us this Tuesday.)
We ask that you communicate with your host to see when our next delivery will be.  We will not have a delivery New Years day.  Our options are either Thursday, Jan. 3rd or Tuesday, Jan. 15th.  (Hosts let me know what your members want and if Thursday the 3rd is an option for you.) 
We hope that you will enjoy the holiday season with family and friends.  Merry Christmas and Happy Year! 

God bless,
Cyndi and Martha
Contact Cyndi at 786-251-1000 if you are new and interested in getting plugged into one of our groups. 

Regular Share  $52  (Half shares $28)
Cremini mushrooms
Green beans - FL
Bright Lights Chard - FL
Two heads of Lettuce – Regional

Grape Tomatoes - Regional
Yellow onions
Sweet potatoes
Hamlin oranges – FL
Cameo Apples

Fruit Share  $23
Tangerines – FL
Strawberries – FL (Sorry, this items is not available.  Substitute with Persimmon.)

Local Raw Tropical Wildflower Honey also available.  Order ahead through host.  ½ gallon jug for $24.  $2 refund on returned jugs.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Order for Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Happy December!  Can't believe this year is already drawing to a close!  We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are looking forward to Christmas and New Year's. The holidays are falling on our delivery days, but since we cannot change the week cycle we're on with Global, we will either have to skip the first week of January altogether or else have delivery on Thursday, Jan 3.  Please give your host feedback about a Thursday delivery. 

 Rutabaga is a great root vegetable that can be eaten raw, grated on a salad, or cooked.  I love it in soup, but it can also be boiled and mashed up with potato to give your mashed potatoes more nutritional value. Boil it up on it's own and experiment, or go to this link and find something to make your mouth water:   Also, here is an absolutely yummy, yet easy salad recipe for using your watercress.  Just wait for an avocado to ripen up and you can dish up a gourmet salad for your family:  
Avocado and Watercress Salad
1/4 rice vinegar (I've used other vinegar in a pinch)
1 Tb grated sweet onion (or regular) using large holes of box grater
1/4 finely grated peeled Gala apple (small holes of grater)
1 tsp sugar
4 tsp soy sauce
3 Tb veg oil (I use olive oil)
6 c watercress, thin stems and leaves only
1 firm ripe avocado
Sitr together first 5 ingred. until sugar is dissolved then stir in oil.  Toss with watercress just before serving.  Quarter and peel avocado.  Cut crosswise into 1/4" thick slices and gently toss in.

Regular Share
Green Beans, FL
Eggplant, FL
Yellow Pepper
Lettuce, 2 heads
Watercress, FL  (Redlands gets Spinach cuz they ran out!)
Cherry Tomato, FL
Avocado, local

Fruit Share
Navel Orange, FL
Gala Apple
Concorde Pear
Mini Watermelon