Monday, April 28, 2008

Homestead-Redlands Final Order for May 2nd, 2008

Items subject to change according to pricing and availability. Please return
your blue bags for us to rotate and bring any clean plastic bags to donate.
You may substitute an item you do not wish to take for any item on the
bonus table. We look forward to seeing you this Friday!

The watermelon and corn is from a local farm and is not organic. If
this is a problem, you may substitute it with something from the bonus
table. We were very impressed with the quality and price and wanted
to share the local bounty with everyone. We would like to get your
feedback on this as these local items will only be available for a few more
weeks. We will also have non-organic tomatoes available at $1.50
per 2 lb. bag. Tomato season is coming to an end and we don't know
how much longer these will be available. Enjoy!

Regular/Mixed Veggies

Green leaf lettuce
Red leaf lettuce
Cremini mushrooms
Green onions
Russet potatoes
English Peas
Sweet Corn - 10 ears each!
Watermelon - large, non-genetically modified (which means they have seeds, but are a healthier option)
Ruby Grapefruit
Valencia Oranges

Plus: you choose between either cabbage or eggplant.

Fruit Share
Ataulfo Mango
Golden Delicious Apples

Items available for special order including Eggs from free range hens.
Let us know if there is something extra you'd like and we will see if
we can get it for you. (ie - wheatgrass, aloe, variety of juices,
fresh herbs, a case of fruit, etc. )

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Is Organic really Better?

Nutritional Value of Organic Compared to Conventional Fruits, Vegetables and Grains - The Organic Center has posted on its www site " ... A comprehensive review of 97 published studies comparing the nutritional quality of organic and conventional foods ..." which concludes that " ... organic plant-based foods (fruits, vegetables,
grains) contain higher levels of eight of 11 nutrients studied, including significantly greater concentrations of the health-promoting polyphenols and antioxidants ... [and that] that organically grown plant-based foods are 25% more nutrient dense, on average, and hence deliver more essential nutrients per serving or calorie consumed ..."

You can view the report in it's entirety here.

The March 18, 2008 Organic Center News Release is posted here.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Final Order for Friday, April 18th

Remember, if there is an item that you do not want, you may
switch it out for something on the bonus table. We will have extra
celery this week, so if you take an extra bunch of celery, you will
get two items off the bonus table!

Storage tip
: Wrap celery in tin foil for prolonged storage. It really
works to keep it fresh longer! Organic cucumbers are not waxed so if
you wrap them in cellophane they will stay fresh much longer.

, BAGS, BAGS!!!! Please donate clean plastic BAGS and return to
us your blue tote BAG. We have two for each member, but if we don't
get it back from you, we will substitute your bag for a box. And as a
reminder, please take extra boxes with you on pick up day to help us
with their removal. All help appreciated! Thanks a bunch!

Tongue of Fire Beans
Green Leaf Lettuce
Red Leaf Lettuce
Cremini Mushrooms
Green Onions -- sorry, no inventory!
Yellow Onions
Garnet Sweet Potatoes
Yellow! Peppers
Valencia Oranges
Red Delicious Apples

Extra Fruit Share:
Bartlett Pears
Honey Tangerines

Special Order:

Other items may be special ordered. For instance, fresh herbs and
fruit or produce by the case. Let us know if you need something. We
will be happy to assist you.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Here's the Final Order for April 4th, 2008!

Regular/Mixed Veggies

Fancy Zucchini
Red Beet Root
Italian Parsley
Red Leaf Lettuce
Green Butter Lettuce
Shitake Mushrooms
Red Potatoes
Valencia Oranges

Non-organic tomatoes will be available for $1.50 for 2 LB and $3 for 4 LB.

Fruit Share

Larry Ann Plums
Bartlett Pears
Honey Tangerines
Golden Pineapple

Special Orders

Certified Organic Eggs from Free Roaming Hens are also available.
Please pre-order through your host. We need all special orders in by
Wednesday evening. Thanks!

Also, if you have already gotten a chance to try out our veggies but
haven't made a commitment to join, we ask that you please pay the
membership fee of $20 and prepay for your items if you wish to
continue. This gives us stability as a group and allows us to use our
resources responsibly. Speak to your host if you have any questions
about this or send an email to

List of Groups and Hosts:

Group 1: Martha Kenyon 786-423-4308
Group 2: Martha Kenyon 786-423-4308

Group 3: Cyndi Viggiani 786-251-1000
Group 4: Dominicke Gordon 786-243-1119