Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Final Order for Friday, April 18th

Remember, if there is an item that you do not want, you may
switch it out for something on the bonus table. We will have extra
celery this week, so if you take an extra bunch of celery, you will
get two items off the bonus table!

Storage tip
: Wrap celery in tin foil for prolonged storage. It really
works to keep it fresh longer! Organic cucumbers are not waxed so if
you wrap them in cellophane they will stay fresh much longer.

, BAGS, BAGS!!!! Please donate clean plastic BAGS and return to
us your blue tote BAG. We have two for each member, but if we don't
get it back from you, we will substitute your bag for a box. And as a
reminder, please take extra boxes with you on pick up day to help us
with their removal. All help appreciated! Thanks a bunch!

Tongue of Fire Beans
Green Leaf Lettuce
Red Leaf Lettuce
Cremini Mushrooms
Green Onions -- sorry, no inventory!
Yellow Onions
Garnet Sweet Potatoes
Yellow! Peppers
Valencia Oranges
Red Delicious Apples

Extra Fruit Share:
Bartlett Pears
Honey Tangerines

Special Order:

Other items may be special ordered. For instance, fresh herbs and
fruit or produce by the case. Let us know if you need something. We
will be happy to assist you.