Monday, December 16, 2013

Order for Tuesday, December 17

Merry Christmas Everyone!!  May you all enjoy your family time as you celebrate together, and experience the Christ of Christmas also.  There will be no delivery on December 31, so we'll take this opportunity to wish you a Happy New Year as well!  See you next on January 14.

The items in green are locally or regionally grown.

Regular Share  (full $52 and half $28)
Green Bean
Romaine Lettuce
Green Chard
Russet Potato
Grapefruit (choice)
Navel Orange (choice)
Golden Delicious Apple

Fruit Share  ($23)
Cara Cara Navel Orange
Orange Honeydew

Please contact your host for organic eggs @ $4.75/dozen; local, raw, orange blossom honey @ $30/half gallon; Tropical Traditions coconut oil @ $14/quart or $40/gallon; various organic, grass fed and/or anti-biotic/hormone free (ABF) meats and deli items.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Order for Tuesday, December 3rd

To all hosts, members and guests,

Hope you had a wonderful holiday and had many things to thank God for, especially time with family and friends. 

Contact Cyndi at 786-251-1000  if you are new and interested in getting plugged into one of our groups.  Coral Gables group is moving to a South Miami location very close to South Miami Hospital with several openings available. Contact Carmen if interested.  Her home phone is 305-740-8222.

For those of you who like to know what we are getting, this is our preliminary list.  I will confirm by Monday afternoon.  Some items may need to be switched due to pricing and availability.  Items listed in green are regionally grown.

Give thanks for the bounty! 

God bless,

Cyndi and Martha


Regular Share  $52  (Half shares $28)




Green Peppers


White Mushrooms

Green Onions

Purple Turnips with tops

Sweet Jewel Potatoes

Lettuce 2 heads

Roma Tomatoes


Cameo Apples

Hamlin Oranges


Fruit Share  $23

Green Seedless Grapes

Bosc Gold Russet Pears

Sunburst Tangerines



Special orders:  Contact your host

Clean Meats: price list available from host.  Place order with Cyndi directly by text 786-251-1000.  Include your name and your host's name.

Raw Orange Blossom Honey, bottled locally, available for $30 half gallon or $16 for quart jar

Healthy Coffee and Tea now available (easy ordering online at Green Tea, Red Tea and CafĂ© Supreme are all organic.  Research "ganoderma" to learn more about how these products can help you.  Free auto ship when you refer 3 friends also signed up for auto ship.  Details of Coffee Connoisseur Club available online.