Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Recipes for your Table

Try something new this Thanksgiving! Here are a couple of our suggestions:

Arugula pesto


Cranberry Relish (Martha's Recipe)


½ cup cashews

1 cup dates

1 lb. cranberries (fresh or frozen)

½ whole orange, peel and all

2 teaspoons vanilla (optional)

Raisins (optional)


Process all ingredients in blender or food processor until well combined. Great served with turkey dinner, or any day as a dip for apples or celery.

If you have any great recipes using the produce we have recently gotten, please email us. We'd love to post new ideas. HealthyHabitsProduce@gmail.com

Monday, November 21, 2011

Order for Tuesday, November 22nd

Hello friends and members,

We have much to be thankful for, including a bountiful harvest and loyal members like you!  We hope you enjoy your produce selection as we enter the Thanksgiving holiday.  If you plan to travel, don't forget to make arrangements with your host to find a sub.  If you are unable to find a sub, consider donating your share to your group .  I'm sure members would appreciate the thoughtfulness.   We appreciate you and your business!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Cyndi and Martha

Regular Share
- $52

Purple beans - FL  (These cook just like green beans and will even look green once cooked.)

Grape tomatoes - FL

Butternut Squash  


Zucchini - LM

Arugula (bonus table only in Redlands and substituted with corn in Coral Gables)

2 Heads Lettuce



Poultry bouquet clam



Cranberries (except Redlands and Doral: Fuyu Persimmon substituted)


Yellow onions - Redlands only


Fruit Share - $23


Hamlin Oranges - FL


Red grapes

Extras Available

Redlands only: yukon gold potatoes 5 lb bags for $6, white pearl onions 8 oz bags for $3.50.

All locations (order ahead through host):

Bread shares (2 loaves onion bread, one bag flax crackers, 1 hummus)  $18

individual bread share items priced as follows: bread 5, crackers 4, hummus/dips $4 or 2 for $7

Pumpkin bread $4.25

Cranberry-Walnut bread $4.25

chimmichurri - $7
honey - $24 half gallon raw orange blossom

organic eggs $4.25

Olive oil $14

organic split chicken ribs

I have also ordered the following items and expect them to come in this Tuesday.  If there is a delivery issue, as there sometimes is especially with the holidays, we will deliver them to you next time but please place orders now:

Rocky Mountain Buffalo Stew
Meat - only 3 packages available, but 6 lb in each pack, $10.20 per pound  (We can break this down to smaller amounts, but would prefer to send the whole package.  It freezes well.)
Sunday bacon, $3.80
Applegate Organic Spinach and Feta Sausage,  $5.80 each
Applegate Organic Fire Roasted Pepper Sausage,  $5.80 each
Applegate Organic Pork Andouille Sausage,  $5.80 each
Sliced Roasted turkey breast, $4.30 each
Sliced Black Forrest ham, $3.90
Sliced Munster Cheese, $3.85 each
Sliced Provolone, $3.85 each

Monday, November 7, 2011

Order for Tuesday, November 8

Regular Share (full $52 and half $28)
Sweet Corn, FL (Doral gets Arrugula)
Red Onion
Green Cabbage
Lettuce, 2 heads
Russet Potato (Doral gets Mushroom)
Sweet Dumpling Squash (Doral gets Zucchini)
Avocado, local
Navel Orange, FL

Fruit Share ($23)
Green Grape
Fuji Apple
Mini Watermelon

Remember to bring back your blue bags to your host and also clean, reusable plastic bags. 
There will be bread shares available tomorrow for $18 (includes 2 loaves bread, 1 cracker and 1 hummus.)  Individual items also available, along with pumpkin bread!! 
Honey is $24/half gallon with $2 being refundable jug deposit. 
Limited fish dip available, at Redlands only, for those who missed it last time. 
Organic eggs are $4.25/doz.  Let your host know if you'd like to try them or add them to your regular order.
Organic olive oil (from Spain) is $10/1 liter