Monday, November 7, 2011

Order for Tuesday, November 8

Regular Share (full $52 and half $28)
Sweet Corn, FL (Doral gets Arrugula)
Red Onion
Green Cabbage
Lettuce, 2 heads
Russet Potato (Doral gets Mushroom)
Sweet Dumpling Squash (Doral gets Zucchini)
Avocado, local
Navel Orange, FL

Fruit Share ($23)
Green Grape
Fuji Apple
Mini Watermelon

Remember to bring back your blue bags to your host and also clean, reusable plastic bags. 
There will be bread shares available tomorrow for $18 (includes 2 loaves bread, 1 cracker and 1 hummus.)  Individual items also available, along with pumpkin bread!! 
Honey is $24/half gallon with $2 being refundable jug deposit. 
Limited fish dip available, at Redlands only, for those who missed it last time. 
Organic eggs are $4.25/doz.  Let your host know if you'd like to try them or add them to your regular order.
Organic olive oil (from Spain) is $10/1 liter