Monday, January 30, 2012

Order for Tuesday, January 31

I thought we'd take a break from potato this week and go for rutabaga.  If you haven't been in our co-op long, rutabaga may be new to you, but it is quite a versatile root vegetable, related to the turnip.  It can be eaten raw (peeled and cut up) or cooked.  It makes a great potato-like ingredient in soup and can also be cooked up and mashed with white potato for a different twist (takes a little longer to cook, so cut smaller if cooking along with the potato.)  Also since roasting concentrates flavors, it makes a great option for this veggie too.  Check out:

Remember, radishes are beneficial to gall bladder and liver function and an excellent kidney cleanser!  And here is our family's favorite way to eat cooked cabbage:  Chop half a cabbage in medium chunks and place in saucepan.  Add several cloves coarsely chopped garlic, 2-4 Tbl butter distributed over the top and squeeze 2-4 Tbl Liquid Aminos over all.  DO NOT ADD WATER (there's plenty in the cabbage!)  Start on med high heat until liquid is boiling, then turn to low and steam for 10 min.  Of course, sliced thinly, cabbage makes an excellent addition to stir fry as well.

Our Florida avocados are finished, but they will be back in early summer. 
Extras available:  coconut oil $14/qt or Gold label coconut oil $19/qt; honey $24/half gallon, $13/qt, $7/pints (limited quantities remain until our next barrel); organic olive oil not yet available.  Organic eggs are $4.25/doz -- preorder with your host. 

Enjoy the healthy eating!

Regular Share $52
Green Cabbage
Tri-Color Radish, FL
Carrot (only on bonus table
at Redlands)
Lettuce, 2 heads, FL
Red Pepper
Roma Tomato
Fuji Apple
Tangelo, FL  (Redlands gets Cara Cara Orange)

Fruit Share  $23
Star Fruit

Monday, January 16, 2012

Order for Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

We've got lots of FL produce coming into season.  Hope you enjoy the bounty!

Extras are listed below.  Please note that fish dip is available.  Let your host know how much you want. 

Cyndi and Martha

Regular Share  $52

Avocado - local

Green beans - FL

Red onions



2 heads lettuce – some local


Kale - FL

Russeet potatoes – Doral substitute with broccoli

Grape Tomatoes - FL




Tangelo – some FL


Fruit Share  $23


Lemons – some local


Asian pears

Extras Available:        

Fish dip available  $11 for 1 lb.

Organic Olive Oil (1 liter) $10
Orange Blossom honey  $24 for 1/2 gallon jar ($2 refund on jar)
Chimmichurri $7

Monday, January 2, 2012

Order for Tuesday, January 3

Happy New Year from Healthy Habits Co-op!  May 2012 be a year of blessing and increase for you and yours.  Lots of our fresh produce for this week is coming in from Florida.  Please continue to share about our co-op with your friends and family as most groups have current openings.  Sorry, no bread shares available yet.  Organic eggs are $4.25/doz (see your host for pre-ordering.)

Regular Share  $52

Green Bean, FL
Eggplant, FL
Parsley, FL
Green Pepper, FL
Lettuce (2 heads) -- LOCAL!!
Sweet Potato
Roma Tomato, FL
White Grapefruit, FL
Strawberry, FL
Fuji Apple

Fruit Share  $23
CaraCara Orange