Friday, January 11, 2008

Who we are

Healthy Habits Co-op has been in existence for more than 19 years. Until this year we have been offering products through Tree of Life. Typical orders consisted of grains & flours, dried fruits, nuts and seeds, pasta, natural sugars and many other miscellaneous bottled and packaged food items as well as herbs and supplements that Tree of Life offers. Members are able to purchase items in bulk at wholesale prices, generally 30-40% below retail prices. Orders can be emailed or brought in person to the group meeting where bulk items are divided. The group meets every few months and is currently being coordinated by Heather Bardier.  786-797-5657

We are excited to be offering fresh organic produce since January of 2008. Members of this group will receive about 12 items of fresh organic produce every two weeks. The cost is $52 (prepaid) and an initial $20 membership fee. We receive about 12 items (typically 8 veg./3-4 fruits) which are distributed between the members. Extra fruit can also be ordered for $23. This typically includes three or four different types of fruit such as pineapple, citrus, berries, melons, etc.

We are also able to order other products such as local pastured eggs, organic oils, and add-ons like kale for those who wish to have it on an on-going basis. Members have the opportunity to volunteer for a discount. Volunteers help with sorting produce and assisting with clean up. Its a great time to make new friends and contribute to the group.

If you are interested in joining this group, contact Cyndi Viggiani at 786-251-1000. We hope to see you!


Queenie said...

Imagine my surprise when I came to set this up and found that you already had. WOOHOOO.
Glad to see it moving forward. If you need help, holler.
Happy Day -


Hi I saw your post in church/Upper Room Assembly of God. I am very interested for the reason I want to change my eating habits to a raw veggie diet. I was diagnoised with a muscle disease called Myopathy(which by the grace of God I know I was healed) and I want to eat healthy. Im even considering becoming a vegetarian. So this is all new to me. Ive been eating alot of salmon, making my own veggie drinks with beets, carrots, celery, green beans, and apples. I love it. My husband and I as interested and love to meet you and see all your produce.

Annie Ory said...

I've been all over your page and can't find a place to subscribe by email or to email anyone. Help? We're moving to Miami soon and I wanted to stay connected so that I can start volunteering and ordering food as soon as we arrive. Peace...