Thursday, May 1, 2008

Coral Gables Final Order for May 2nd, 2008

Please note that substitutions will sometimes occur due to pricing and
availability. No bananas this week due to a shipping shortage. We
will do our best! When you come for pick up, please bring clean
plastic bags and new, small paper bags if you have them, to donate for
our use. Pick up is at Granada Presbyterian Church in the Florida
room, next to the playground.

You may contact your host about adding organic eggs from free range
hens ($3.25 per dozen) and extra fruit ($20 a share – typically 4
items) to your order. If interested, we can also add special orders
such as wheatgrass, aloe, juicing carrots (25#), fresh herbs, extra
cases of fruit, etc. Let us know your needs and we will do our best
to help.

Regular Veggie Share

Yellow onions
Green beans
Red leaf lettuce (2 per person)
Cremini mushrooms
Russet potatoes
Sweet corn – 10 ears each!
Ruby grapefruit
Valencia oranges
Watermelon – large, non-genetically modified (This means they will
have seeds, but are the healthier option.)

If you are wondering why this list is shorter and differs slightly
from the Homestead group, please let me explain. We have 4 groups in
Homestead meeting in the same location so we can order larger bulk
items that may be more expensive which we share between the groups.
For instance, to get lemons, we must have a minimum of two groups to
be able to afford them. If you have any questions regarding this,
please email us at Our goal is to
double the CG group as soon as possible to keep things streamlined.
Once we accomplish this we will have only one list posted. Pass the
word to friends and family! We rely on our happy customers to get the
word out.

Storage tips: Mushrooms store nicely in paper bags. Wrap cucumbers in
cellophane as organic ones are not waxed. If you do this as soon as
you get home and put them in your fridge, it will prolong their shelf
life significantly; otherwise, unwaxed cucumbers will not last long.

The watermelon and corn is from a local farm and is not organic. If
this is a problem, you may substitute it with something from the bonus
table. We were very impressed with the quality and price and wanted
to share the local bounty with everyone. We would like to get your
feedback on this as these local items will be available for a few more
weeks only. We will also have non-organic tomatoes available at $1.50
per 2 lb. bag. Tomato season is coming to an end and we don't know
how much longer these will be available. Enjoy!

We are excited about you starting this healthy, budget friendly,
produce adventure and hope that you will enjoy it!