Monday, September 15, 2008

Final Order for Friday, Sept. 19

We're sorry there were no cucumbers (or grapes) available, again!! This was a challenging order to put together with inventory being spotty, hence the differences between groups. Looks like the berries may be over for the season, but apples are coming down in price!

Please remember to return your blue bags to your host and bring any clean, reusable plastic bags for use in dividing the veggies. All natural smoked fish dip is now available: Mahi, Salmon and Whitefish. Talk to your host if you're interested. It will be available for purchase in Cutler Bay and Redlands on Sept 19.

Regular Share

Broccoli Crowns (Doral will get Beets instead)
Red Cabbage (Coral Gables and Cutler Bay only)
Cauliflower (none for Redlands)
Spinach (none Doral)
Romaine Lettuce (Doral gets double portion)
Red Leaf Lettuce (none Doral)
Buttercup Squash (Redlands only)
Russet Potatoes
Green Peppers
Roma Tomatoes
Avocados (Redlands only)
Gala Apples

Fruit Share
Nectarines (Redlands gets Peaches instead)
Red Plums
Bartlett Pears