Thursday, December 4, 2008

Final Order for Friday, December 5th

Welcome back! I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving! Good news: almonds have arrived. You should check with your host if you ordered these. Each location has a few extra pounds so if you were not able to order, you may purchase them with your host. Thank you, Shelah, for organizing this and making it possible! We have also added organic coconut cream and oils to our special order items. Please see below for details.

Several months ago I shared how when traveling to visit family, I went to a produce store in the Philadelphia area. I purchased about what we would get in a regular share (one full box) with a mix of greens, veggies and fruit, and spent over $65. All of this was NOT organic. I came to really appreciate what a wonderful resource we have through this co-op! We've even had members join with us to get the great deals, and later were happily surprised to find out that it was organic!

Martha and I have been working hard to keep prices down, but are finding it more difficult to do so as our expenses have been steadily increasing. We do not want to sacrifice the quality or quantity, so starting in January a regular share will be $52 and the fruit share will be $23. Special order items will stay the same.

I also thought you would like to know how we are using some of the membership fee money. The cost of honey has been increasing, but in order to keep the price of honey the same for our members, we are investing in the equipment needed to purchase a large drum. By buying in larger bulk, we are able to keep the cost down. (That is also the reason that the larger groups are able to get a little more in their shares!)

Thank you for telling your friends about us and helping us to grow. We would love to hear your stories about how this co-op has helped your family. Please email us your testimonials and feedback at We would like to post some of these on our web site. Together we can make a difference and help the community to develop healthy habits at a savings!

At Your Service,


Regular/Mixed Veggies

Green beans




Red leaf lettuce (all groups)

Red butter lettuce (except Doral)

Mushrooms – Cremini (except Doral)

Yellow onions




Fuji Apples


Ruby Grapefruit

Mandarin Satsuma

Fruit Share

Valencia oranges

Kiwi (Cutler Bay and Coral Gables only)

Blackberries (Redlands only, plus as a replacement item for Cutler Bay and Coral Gables)

Bosc Pears


If you have already gotten a chance to try out our veggies but haven't made a commitment to join, we ask that you please pay the membership fee of $20 and prepay for your items if you wish to continue. This gives us stability as a group and allows us to use our resources responsibly. Speak to your host if you have any questions about this or send an email to

Please bring any clean plastic bags that you can donate for our use and return your blue tote bag. We look forward to seeing you on Friday!

Now Available!!!

Special Orders: Please talk to your host if interested.

Certified Organic Eggs from Free Roaming Hens ($3.50 a dozen)

Organic Olive Oil First Cold Pressed from Turkey ($14 for 17 oz)

Raw Local Honey ($15 a half gallon, $6 for pint jar) – Available at Redlands and Coral Gables

Fish pate – no preservatives – choice of white fish, salmon, and Mahi-mahi

($10 a pound) – (Available for sale at Redlands, Cutler Bay and Coral Gables)

Raw organic almonds - $5 lb (limited time only)

Coconut oil, gallon size (Expeller Pressed $40, Extra Virgin $60)

Coconut Cream ($17 for 32 oz)