Thursday, January 1, 2009

Final Order

Important Announcement for January 2nd:

Please note that our prices have gone up to cover our rising expenses. The new price is $52 for a regular share and $23 for a fruit share. The member fee is still $20.

We will have local tomatoes for sale for $2 per 2 lb bag at Redlands and Coral Gables. You may preorder a 25 lb box for $20 through your host until season ends some time in April/May. This item is not distributed into your regular share because it is not organic. All other items are certified organic.

Please bring any clean plastic bags that you can donate for our use and return your blue tote bag. It is also very important that you arrange late pick ups with your host. As a curtesy, please call. Phone numbers and email addresses are listed on the web site to the right.

Happy New Year from all of us with Healthy Habits Co-op! We look forward to seeing you on Friday!

Cyndi and Martha

Regular/Mixed Veggies

Green beans (FL)


Beets (FL)


Corn – bicolor (FL)

Two heads of lettuce

Spinach (Redlands & Cutler Bay)

Kale (Coral Gables $ Doral)


Yellow peppers

Grape Tomatoes (FL) - (Cutler Bay and Doral only)

Sweet Jumbo Onions (Coral Gables only)

Russet Potatoes – (Redlands only)

Avocado (FL) (all groups, but in Redlands there is a choice between this and Lemongrass)

Fuji apples

Lemons (Coral Gables and Cutler Bay only)

Grapefruit (FL) (Redlands only)

Navel oranges (FL) (Doral only)


Tangerines (FL)

Fruit Share


Navel Oranges (FL)

Anjou Pears

Kiwi – (all groups, but Redlands has a choice between this and star fruit)

Now Available!!!

Special Orders: Please talk to your host if interested.

Certified Organic Eggs from Free Roaming Hens ($3.50 a dozen)

Organic Olive Oil First Cold Pressed from Turkey ($14 for 17 oz) – minimum of 9

Raw Local Honey ($15 a half gallon, $6 for pint jar) – Available at Redlands and Coral Gables

Fish pate – no preservatives – choice of white fish, salmon, and Mahi-mahi

($10 a pound) – (Available for sale at Redlands, Cutler Bay and Coral Gables)