Monday, April 6, 2009

Final Order for Friday, April 10th

Please help your host by donating clean plastic bags and remember to bring your blue bags back. Hosts would appreciate you taking a box when you pick up to help with recycling/clean-up.

We thank you all for "Co-op"erating with us!

Cyndi and Martha

Regular/Mixed Veggies


Green beans (FL)


Cremini Mushrooms

Red Leaf Lettuce (FL)

Green Romaine Lettuce (FL)

Rainbow chard (FL) - bonus item for Redlands and Coral Gables

Snap peas

Grape Tomaotes

Zucchini (FL)

Yellow squash (FL)

Parsley (FL)

Bartlett Pears


Minneola Tangelo


Fruit Share

Valencia Oranges (FL)


Fuji Apples

Pineapple (Redlands)

Ruby Grapefruit (Coral Gables and Cutler Bay)