Monday, April 5, 2010

Order for Friday, April 9th

To our members and guests:

Hope you all had a happy Easter and are feeling refreshed from spring break.

LM is short for Lady Moon, a farm with several locations, FL, GA and PA. The season determines where we get our produce. Should all be from FL now. Sorry we couldn't get the asparagus. We were looking forward to that, but broccoli was available. Hope you enjoy the wide Florida selection, especially the peas and green beans. Must be Spring!

If rutabaga is new to you, use it like you would a potatoe. Great for people who can't tolerate potatoes. Use in soups, bake or mash. I love it in a good beef stew. Those of you getting the Daikon radishes, I must say, I am slightly jealous. These are excellent for your health, particularly the gallbladder. Just shred and add to your salads. Sprouts are also excellent in salad or on sandwhiches.

If you have any tips or great recipes you would like to share, email us at We'd love to post your ideas. You may also email us your requests.

Also, we have openings in our Doral group. If you have contacts in that area, please forward our information to them. We appreciate your help.


Cyndi and Martha

Regular Share


green beans (FL)

carrots (Parsley for Coral Gables)

crunchy mixed sprouts (FL)

Rutabaga (Daikon radishes for Cutler Bay)

cucumber (FL)

English peas (FL)

red leaf lettuce (LM) (Not all groups)

green romaine lettuce (LM) (Some groups will only have romaine this time, as per your requests!)


cremini mushrooms

sweet potatoes (jewel or garnett)



yellow peaches



Fruit shares


valencia oranges (FL)

Braeburn apples

strawberries (FL)