Monday, June 28, 2010

Preliminary Order for Friday, July 2nd

Hey there, friends!
This Friday we DO have a regular delivery and regular pick up times. Please be considerate of your host and make any special arrangements ahead of time if you will be traveling. Your help with this is GREATLY appreciated and will help us all to have a happy holiday weekend. Your host's contact information is listed on the website on the right side just under your pick up location. Remember it is your responsibility to find a substitute when you need one. We will be glad to help when possible with advance notice. Thanks for your help with this!

This week kicks off the avocado season here in the Redlands. We are also happy to supply leeches to some of our groups. Hope you enjoy the selection! (Check back for final updates Thursday evening.)
Regular Share: ($52 full, $28 half)
Avocado, local (Doral get Hass - not local)
Celery hearts
Cilantro (for all groups, but on bonus table only in Redlands and Coral Gables)
2 Head of lettuce
Cremini mushrooms (except Doral)
Grape tomatoes, LM
Red potatoes, FL
Butternut squash
Zucchini, FL
White nectarines
Kiwi (except Cutler Bay)
6/18 - Credit for all groups for okra and cucumbers: Cantaloupe
(sorry, no cucumbers available this order)
Fruit Share: ($23)
Lychee, local
Gala apples (Coral Gables extras for sale, $5)
Black plums
Strawberries (Coral Gables extras for sale, $3.50 each)
NEW!!!! Bread Share: ($18)
(all organic from Crackerman Crackers)
Freshly made right here in Bal Harbor:
2 loaves bread, 5 grain
1 bag flax seed crackers
1 container 5 herb hummus
Let your host know if you will be taking a bread share; otherwise, it will be sold on a first come, first serve basis; supplies limited. We will also have some flax seed crackers, Mexican Blackbean dip and the Five Herb Hummus available for individual sale. If sold seperately, priced as follows: Bread loaf $6, crackers $5, dips $4.