Monday, November 8, 2010

Order for Tuesday, Nov. 8

Our local avocado grower was gracious to give us a partial credit because of the overripe avocados last time.  So you'll notice some special things this time and/or an extra item in your list.  (Kendall gets a full refund on the avocados.)  Inventory was spotty in some areas, so 4 of our groups got asparagus this time, but we couldn't get it for the rest.... sorry!   We'll try another time for the other groups!  Asparagus and eggplant were higher priced than our budget usually allows, but the refund money covered them.  Enjoy the yummy veggies!

The Crackerman, Stefan, was in a bicycle accident over the week end, and we'll do our best to get your bread, crackers and dips, but don't count on it.  We had asked for chimichurri as well, but we'll likely have to wait on all that.

Please note that our half shares are $28.  If you and a friend together pick up a full share and split it yourselves, you will each then pay $26.  Some of our groups have quite a few half share requests.  It helps our host (and saves you money) if you can find someone to do the split with you, but if not, then the cost is $28.

Fish dip will be available tomorrow.  If you haven't already, let your host know if you would like some, and we will deliver it in time for pick up.  Local honey ($20/half gallon, includes $2 refundable deposit on glass jug) and organic coconut oil ($40/gallon, or can be divided to smaller quantities) are also available for request.  Eggs must be pre-ordered with your host.

Regular Share:
Red Beet with tops
Cauliflower (Redland and Kendall)
Green Kale
2 heads Lettuce (Green Leaf / Red Leaf, or Romaine)
Cremini Mushroom
Avocados, local
Butternut Squash
Italian Parsley
Asparagus (Coral Gables, Coral Way, S.Miami, Cutler Bay)
Watercress (Doral)
Rutabaga (Redland)
Plums (all groups except Kendall & Doral)
Tangelo (Redland, Kendall, Doral)
Pear, Red Bartlett (except Redland and Doral gets Apple)

Fruit Share:
Apple, Jonagold
Grapes, Black seedless
Navel Orange, FL