Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Note on Eggs and Crackerman Crackers

Please note that new price on organic eggs. $4 dozen from free range hens.

Last night, our family enjoyed an amazing beef stew. This is one of my favorite dinners which has just become even more amazing with Crackerman's German bread. We toasted fresh slices with a little raw butter in the oven for a couple of minutes. Served with the stew, magnificent! Even our kids raved over this one!

Some of our customers have been asking for a good bread for sandwiches and he has brought us an amazing onion bread made with freshly stone ground flour. We had some this past week with roast beef and again with turkey. You just can't go wrong with this artisan bread!

We would encourage our members to take advantage of the bread share. We will now include one of each type of bread along with a bag of his flax crackers (He soaks his seeds! This makes the nutrients more accessable for your body.) and famous five herb hummus.

If you ever want to meet Stephan, the Crackerman, you can find him most weekends at the Farmer's Market in Coconut Grove selling his bread and passing out Healthy Habits Co-op post cards!