Monday, July 18, 2011

Order for Tuesday, July 19

Welcome and thank you to our new host for Coral Gables, Lanny!  We look forward to continuing to serve your area.

Mahi fish dip is available this week, so let your host know or email the co-op (see right sidebar) and let us know your group.  We will be delivering local avocados and honey, fish dip, and any coconut oil requested to all locations. 

We heard some comments last time about shares that seemed to contain less.   We do apologize if you were actually missing an item (your host will give you something extra this time) but we are finding it increasingly difficult to provide the same amount of food for the same cost.  The price of a share has not increased in 2 1/2 years!  But gas prices continue to rise and costs in general are rising (notice the prices on grocery store shelves.)   If we keep the share price constant, there will be times when you may find one less item in your bag/box or smaller, less expensive items.  We do our utmost to purchase what is on special and get the most for your money, but if we keep the amount of food in the share constant, we will inevitably need to raise the price of a share.  Please give your host feedback on what you would like to see regarding smaller amounts or increased price.  We listen to you!!

Regular Share:
Vidalia Onion
Zucchini (some groups will get Cabbage)
Lettuce, 2 heads
Sweet Potato
Avocado (local)

Fruit Share:
(Roads fruit share: Peach, Pineapple, Strawberry)