Monday, August 15, 2011

Order for Tuesday, August 16

Notes on stone fruit (peaches, nectarines, etc) for future reference:  I have found the best way to prolong and enjoy this fruit is to refrigerate it immediately, then take out just a couple pieces of fruit at a time and let them sit out overnight to ripen and eat.  Some will take longer to soften, but it will minimize spoilage.  Some members have reported problems with the fruit going bad before it could be eaten, or before it ripens.  We apologize for this.  Sometimes there is nothing we can do to reimburse you when we have problems after distribution, but please report to your host so we can report to Global!
Berries:  Please examine your berries as soon as you get home, or even at pick up.  If there is any mold in the container, report this to your host immediately!  We have a 24 hour window to report spoiled fruit to Global for reimbursement.  We do all we can to distribute only acceptable fruits and veggies, but we miss things sometimes.

REGULAR SHARE ($52 full and $28 half)

Snow Pea
Lettuce, Romaine and/or Green Leaf
Cremini Mushroom
Sweet Potato
Avocado, local !!
Mung Bean Sprout, FL
Red Plum

Green Grapes

Items available through your host:  honey $24/half gal, coconut oil $14/quart or $40/gal, bread, crackers, hummus dips.  Fish dip is coming Aug 30 in time for the Labor Day week end!