Monday, September 10, 2012

Order for Tuesday, September 11

Regular Share (Full $52, Half $28)
Green Pepper
Green Onion
Lettuce, 2 heads
Gold Acorn Squash
Red Potato
Avocado, local
Cantaloupe (Redlands gets White Peach)

Fruit Share  ($23)
Green Grape



Ask your hosts for our local Wildflower honey, available in half gallons for $24 or quarts for $14.  Both prices included a $2 refundable deposit on the glass jar.  Meats can be ordered by the case for your freezer, or the following are available per piece while supplies last:   Grass-fed Buffalo Stew meat in 2 lb. bags $16 each; ORG. Stadium Beef Hot dogs $4.50 ea; ABF ground dark Turkey 2 lb. bags$14.70 ea.; ABF Whole Chickens 8 per case @ $2.40 lb  Approx. $8.40 each; ABF Split Chicken breasts-15 pkg of 1 ½ lb each @ $4.35 each; Freezer Special:  ABF whole chicken legs  15 pkg of 1 ½ lb each @ $3.30 each; Org Applegate Sausages (Spinach and Feta, Sweet Italian, and Roasted red pepper) case of 12 or $6.60 pk; GF Chicken Tenders 12 oz box  $6; Turkey hot dogs Org. $4.50 pk; Roasted Turkey 12 count case @ $4.10/ 7oz pk; ABF Baked Ham 12 count case @$4.20/ 7 oz pk; ABF Muenster Cheese 12 count case @$3.65 /8 oz pk.; ORG Cheddar Cheese  12 count case @$3.15/ 5 oz pk; Freezer special: org. Pork Ribs $13.30 ea. Pack. (Approx. 1lb 11oz ea.); Org Sunday Bacon  case of 12 @$5.70 pk; Canadian bacon $4.90 pk.