Monday, November 19, 2012

Dear Members,

Our local season is beginning to kick off!  Lots of our items this time come from local and regional farms.  I hope you enjoyed the sunburst squash from last time because we are getting them again.  Try scooping out, mashing with parmesan and favorite herbs, and roasting them in the shell.  You can also add chopped cooked bacon and diced tomato.  Delicious!  There were no bananas available this time so we have added pineapple to the regular share.  Enjoy!

Ask your host today if you are interested in purchasing an extra share as a gift for a family member or neighbor.  We have a few available.  If you are interested and your host does not have an extra available, call me directly so I can arrange to get it to you.  786-251-1000.

Martha and I wish you all a happy Thanksgiving!

God bless,



Regular Share  $52  (Half shares $28)




Green beans - FL

Collard greens - Regional

Two heads of Lettuce - Regional

Grape Tomatoes - Regional

Green onions

Sunburst squash - FL

Sweet potatoes - Regional




Navel oranges - FL


Fruit Share  $23

Black seedless grapes


White grapefruit - FL

Gala apples



Local Raw Tropical Wildflower Honey also available.  Order ahead through host.  ½ gallon jug for $24.  $2 refund on returned jugs.