Sunday, May 19, 2013

Order for Tuesday, May 21st

To all hosts, members and guests,
Please note there may be substitutions due to pricing and availability, but the following list is what I am looking to get for us this Tuesday.  Don't forget to return your blue bags to your host and to bring donations (clean, reusable plastic bags and/or paper bags which are ideal for mushrooms.)  Green items are regionally grown.
Contact Cyndi at 786-251-1000 if you are new and interested in getting plugged into one of our groups. 
God bless,
Cyndi and Martha

Regular Share  $52  (Half shares $28)
Red Radishes
Green Kale
Green Butter Lettuce  LM 
Yellow onions
Mini Mixed Medley Tomaotes  LM
Eight Ball Squash FL  (similar to zucchini except in shape, some groups getting fancy zucchini instead due to limited supply)
Russet potatoes
Yellow Peaches  
Mangoes  FL

Fruit Share  $23
Valencia Oranges - FL 
Honeydew Melon