Monday, June 17, 2013

Order for Tuesday, June 17

Happy summer everyone!  Please remember, if you plan to be travelling, to find a sub for your share and make arrangements with your host so she has your sub's contact info.  This is very important as summer travels present a challenge to the group hosts, and she will appreciate you greatly when you take your member responsibility seriously!  We can't possibly begin to find subs for everyone that goes out of town, so we thank you ahead of time!!!
God bless and safe travels!

Regular Share (Full $52;  Half $28)
Celery (or Celery Heart)
Green Onion
Red or Orange Pepper
Green Kale
Lettuce, 2 heads
Sprout - Mung Bean or Alfalfa
Avocado, local is back in season!
Lemon (these replace the mangoes we didn't get last time)

Fruit Share - $23
Green Grape

Please return your blue bags to host and also bring clean, reusable plastic bags and lunch size paper as well.

Also available:  Orange Blossom Honey from central FL or limited quantity of new season local Wildflower Honey at $30 for half gallon (includes $2 deposit on glass jug); organic eggs $4.25/doz; various organic and/or ABF meats and cheeses (talk to your host).