Sunday, September 22, 2013

Preliminary Order for Tuesday, Sept. 24th

To all hosts, members and guests,
Contact Cyndi at 786-251-1000  if you are new and interested in getting plugged into one of our groups.  Coral Gables and Homestead have several openings. 
For those of you who like to know what we are getting, this is our preliminary list.  I will confirm by Monday afternoon.  Some items may need to be switched due to pricing and availability.  Items listed in green are regionally grown.
God bless,
Cyndi and Martha

Regular Share  $52  (Half shares $28)
Avocado (LOCAL)
Cremini mushrooms
Green Beans
*Greens, Tatsoi
Sweet potatoes  

Fruit Share  $23
Black Seedless Grapes
Star fruit (LOCAL) (except Cutler Bay groups: sub w/ Honeydew)
Valencia Oranges

*Tatsoi. Sometimes we just need to talk about a vegetable because it's fun to say. (Are we the only ones that feel this way?) We could say it all day, but the truth is, there are many other reasons to get this green into your regular rotation.
Before we start: you've almost certainly eaten tatsoi before. The mild, mustardy leaves often show up in mixed salad greens, so -- surprise! -- you're probably already acquainted. What's so great about this green? Once you track it down, (aliases include tat soy, tat soi, broadbeak mustard, spoon mustard, spinach mustard, and rosette bok choy), it'll quickly become one of the most versatile green vegetables you know. It's friendly with a number of cuisines and preparations, much like the rest of its brassica siblings.

Raw Honey available.  Tell your host if you want some.  $24 half gallon orange blossom (FL).
Organic Olive Oil also available.  $10