Sunday, October 20, 2013

Order for Tuesday, Oct. 22nd

To all hosts, members and guests,

Contact Cyndi at 786-251-1000  if you are new and interested in getting plugged into one of our groups.  Coral Gables and Homestead have several openings.  Looking to get a group started in Kendall area (near Town and Country).  Still need to fill 6 more spots.  Help us get the word out to friends in that area. 

For those of you who like to know what we are getting, this is our preliminary list.  I will confirm by Monday afternoon.  Some items may need to be switched due to pricing and availability.  Items listed in green are regionally grown.

Miami Springs order coming Thursday.

Lots of local and regional items coming into season now.  Enjoy! 

God bless,
Cyndi and Martha

Regular Share  $52  (Half shares $28)
Red cabbage
Green peppers
Lettuce 2 heads
Buttercup Squash
White Avalanche Potatoes  
Spicy Mix Sprouts
Starkirmson Pears
Fall Glo Tangerines

Fruit Share  $23
Valencia Oranges
Fuyu Persimmon

Healthy Coffee and Tea now available (easy ordering online at Green Tea, Red Tea and Café Supreme are all organic.  Research "ganoderma" to learn more about how these products can help you.  Free auto ship when you refer 3 friends also signed up for auto ship.  Details of Coffee Connoisseur Club available online.