Monday, January 13, 2014

Preliminary Order for Tuesday, January 14th, 2014

Happy New Year!

To our members,

Sorry about the technical difficulties I was having last night with my computer!  Hope this message appears normal.  I will keep it short since many of our updates were sent in an email. 

Please share our information with your local friends who want to start eating healthy and saving money on organic produce and clean meats.  We have some openings available in our Homestead and South Miami locations.  Plus we are trying to start a group in the area southwest of Zoo Miami.  We need about 6 more members to get that location up and running.  If interested, you may contact me directly, and I can help get you plugged into the most convenient group for you. 

As always, please be courteous to your host.  We could not do this without her valuable assistance!  Some tips for help include taking empty boxes for recycling, bringing clean reusable shopping bags, donating paper or zip lock bags.  Or just ask what your host needs.  Sometimes taking postcards and leaving them at a business in your area is very helpful in keeping the group full.  Talk to your host to see what she needs so we can all get a good start on 2014!

Here's what we are looking at getting.  This is a preliminary order.  Substitutions only happen when there is an availability issue.  I will have updates, if any, by noon.  Items in green are regionally grown.


Regular Share (52) Half portion (28)

Avocadoes – LOCAL!



2 heads Lettuce

Portabella mushrooms

Spinach (double portion for South Miami)

Russet potatoes

Yellow Onions

Grape Tomatoes

Clover Sprouts (except South Miami and Miami Springs)

Sweet Mini Peppers (South Miami only)


Hamlin Oranges




Fruit Share (23)

Asian pears



Star fruit (for Cutler Bay groups and South Miami)

Kiwi (for Homestead and Redlands)


Special Orders Can be Placed Directly with Cyndi.  786-251-1000.  Text or email best.  These have to be in by midnight Monday.  Include your name and pick up location with order.

Clean Meats: Ask host for pricelist.  Should have received in email.  If not, contact me.  I can email directly. 

Raw FL Orange Blossom honey – bottled locally  half gallon (30) Quart jar (16) refund on jars returned (2)

Healthy Coffee and Teas – Black, Late, and Mocha (30) Organic Green tea and Organic Red tea (35) 

Research benefits of ganoderma to see how this might help you!