Sunday, February 9, 2014

Check out Dwolla and we both receive $10 in transaction fee credits

Get $10 in transaction fee credits

Dwolla Refer a Friend Program


This is worth checking out! Save money by NOT using credit cards. This works and is so simple! I'm a user of Dwolla - the best way to move money between friends, business and nonprofits through email, your phone, or social networks.

Because you're my friend, you'll get $10 in transaction fee credits on your new Dwolla account if you sign up using this link:

- Cyndi

P.S. I'll also receive $10 in transaction fee credits if you sign up :)

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For questions specific to the Refer-a-Friend program, please contact Or, write to us at: Extole, Inc. • 625 Second Street, Suite 101 • San Francisco, CA 94107