Sunday, March 9, 2014

Preliminary Order for Tuesday, March 11th

Check out what's coming this week.  Keep in mind it is a preliminary order and you might see substitutions due to pricing or availability.  Lots of regionally grown items coming, including the beautiful romanesco cauliflower, honey tangerines, and strawberries.   Openings in Cutler Bay and Homestead, but filling up quick.  Email today if interested. 

Our local egg supply has been growing.  We have two options right now:  keep same price at $4.75 dozen for local pastured conventional eggs.  We have another source in Redlands for local, pastured, organic eggs.  These are $6.50 dozen.  Let host know if you'd be interested in switching over to organic pastured for next time.  Limited supply.  
I am excited to announce our new payment options: You can now pay online via either Dwolla or PayPal.  I am still working to make technical improvements, but glad to offer you these conveniences.  Details in weekly email.  Not signed up?  Send me your email and I will add you to our list.   

Meat coming in Fresh Tuesday: Organic chicken drumsticks in 1 pd. trays ($3.80), small salametti logs ($7.60 each), sliced pepperoni ($7), and pork tenderloin on special ($7 per tenderloin, approx. 1 lb each).    

Meat On Hand: Applegate sausages - all varieties ($6.60 each), beef bones, hot dogs (turkey or beef), and organic pork chops ($3.30 each).    
Text 786-251-1000 or email me directly with meat order.  Please get it in to me by Monday night.   

Meat for next order: We will be getting Canadian bacon, chicken breast with bone and skin, whole chickens, and GF chicken tenders for next time.   

Enjoy! Pass the word to friends in Kendall area who might want to join a group.  Several people have expressed an interest in hosting. Contact me by email if you want to be in this location.

Full Box  ($52)  Half Box   ($28) 

Red Beets with top LM
Romanesco Cauliflower  - FL 
2 heads of lettuce: romaine and green leaf - FL
Red Peppers
Green Onions
Sweet Potatoes
Grape Tomatoes - LM / Miami Springs substitute with Roma Tomatoes 
Snow Peas
Bosc Pears
Honey Tangerines - FL 
Strawberries - FL

Extra Fruit Box  ($23) 

Red Delicious Apples
Caimito (also known as star apples)- LOCAL
Temple Oranges - FL 

We are ordering a case of Red Russian Kale (FL) to sell by the bunch for $2.  Contact host if interested.  Request to get on list with host to receive kale on a regular basis.   Price varies, usually from $2 - $2.50 / bunch. 

Enjoy these healthy options! 


Additional extras that may be ordered ahead of time through your host:
Eggs: Local Organic Pastured option for Redlands and Homestead only.  $6.50 dozen.  All other groups will receive either FL Conventional Pastured  $4.75 dozen.     

Local, Raw Orange Blossom Honey - $30 half gallon, includes a $2 deposit on jar,  $16 quart
Organic Bug repellent
from Tropical Traditions: $6.50 bottle  

Organic Oils:  Coconut from Tropical Traditions quart jar for $14 
                        Olive Oil from Greece $10 
Clean Meats:
  Organic, ABF, Pastured      Join our mailing list now to receive email of price list.  I will be alternating produce and meat emails, so look for one on a weekly basis.  Meat orders should be in to me by Sunday night.  
Want to host for a group in your area?  Free produce and eggs to our hosts for their hard work. Please share this information with your local friends who want to eat healthy and save money on organic foods.  We can help!  

Healthy Coffee and Tea now available
Easy ordering (direct ship) online at
Green Tea, Red Tea and Café Supreme are all organic.  Research "ganoderma" to learn more about how these products can help you.  I have some on hand for $30 box (black coffee, late, mocha, hot chocholate) or $35 for organic (green tea, red tea, cafe supreme).  Respond to this email if you want one on produce day.