Sunday, July 13, 2014

Preliminary Order for July 15th 2014

Summer's bounty is here!  Hope you enjoy the selection.  Items in green are regionally grown.   In honor of Germany's World Cup victory, I am going to recommend that you google "German Potato Leek Soup."  The recipe looks like a good match for some of our items this week.

We may have a few extra boxes from various locations. Current pick-up sites include: Homestead, Redlands, Cutler Bay, SW Kendall, South Miami, and Miami Springs. Miami Springs is not actually recieving a delivery this time. If you are a member of this group, we may be able to coordinate something with South Miami. Call me if you're interested.

In an effort to switch things up a bit, I moved things around.  I have put the bananas in the fruit share.  I enjoy pureeing extra frozen bananas and sometimes sprinkling them with chopped peanuts.  It makes a wonderful ice-cream substitute!  Also, we had a little extra money in the budget as credit from the figs we did not get last time, so you may see a bit more on this list than usual.  Sadly, figs were not available to us this time either.  We have never gotten donut peaches.  Their size and shape is unique.  I hope you enjoy them!

This is a preliminary list, so substitutions may happen.  I still need to confirm the local mangoes and check on the black grapes.  If they happen to not be seedless, I plan to substitute with some dapple supreme pluots.  Hope this helps with your planning!

This week's box will include:
Full ($52)   Half  ($28)

Avocado - LOCAL
Red Beets w/ Top
Choice Cucumbers
Choice Green Peppers FL

2 heads Romaine lettuce
Baby Russet Potatos
Donut Peaches
Mangoes - LOCAL

Fruit Box ($23)
Black Grapes

Extras available (Order through your host):

Raw Orange Blossom Honey
- $30 half gallon, $16 for quart, $9 for pint  ($2 refund on jars)

Organic Oils - Olive oil on hand ($10), Coconut Expeller Pressed for next time ($16 Quart with $2 refund on jar, $45 gallon, please supply a gallon size container).

Clean Meats:  Prices listed below, subject to change.
I have on hand turkey hot dogs and turkey bacon, Applegate sausages; spinach and feta as well as roasted red pepper, ABF boneless skinless chicken breasts and organic bone-in chicken thighs, plus a little Canadian bacon.  These items have been frozen to preserve quality before or by the freeze by date. Limited quantities. Place order now!  Text or email me today. 786-251-1000 or

There has been a request for whole chickens and organic chicken breasts, but I need more orders before I can get a case.  Let me know if you are interested in these items.  We are having a supply issue with the pork, so it's temporarily unavailable.  Let me know what you would be interested in for next time.  If you want strictly organic, you may have to order a half case.  A full case of whole chickens comes with 8 birds. Cases of breasts and thighs have 15 trays.

Our local egg supply has been growing.
Special thanks to Dave and Isabel Schieferly for inviting our community to their farm to see how they are building an organic sustainable farm from the ground up!  We love your eggs!  Dave and Isabel are supplying us in Redlands and Homestead with pastured eggs.  Their chickens are fed all non-GMO, soy free, organic feed in addition to munchies growing on the farm!  These eggs are $6.50 dozen.  Limited supply.

Our standard option for $5.10 dozen is either local pastured conventional eggs or organic free roaming. 

Organic Coconut Flour:  Our family eats Gluten Free so I am always looking for good wholesome foods to supplement.  Tropical Traditions has a ton of recipes online using this healthy, high protein flour.  $10 per bag, 2.2 lb each.  7 bags available.

All Natural Insect Bug Repellent 4oz. For $6.50 bottle: ingredients include: purified water, org virgin coconut oil, org jojoba, plant based emulsifying wax, grapefruit seed extract, org virgin palm oil, and org essential oils of citronella, lemongrass, catnip, peppermint and tansy.  8 bottles available

Healthy Coffee and Tea now available

I have some on hand for $30 box (black coffee, late, mocha, hot chocolate) or $35 for organic (green tea, red tea, cafe supreme).
Easy ordering (direct ship) online at
Research "ganoderma" to learn more about how these products can help you.

Not connected to a produce group?   Go to our blog and scroll down.  Locations and host contact information listed in right margin.

Want to host for a group in your area?  Free produce and eggs to our hosts for their hard work. Please share this information with your local friends who want to eat healthy and save money on organic foods.  We can help!  Email Cyndi for hosting information.  You will need 12 new full box members to start a new group.  That includes the host and a helper who also receives a discount.