Friday, January 23, 2015

Produce order for Tuesday, Jan. 27th

Produce order for Tuesday, Jan. 27th

Please look for important announcements, events, recipes & more in our newsletter which should come out tonight or tomorrow. Text HEALTHYHABITS to 42828 to sign up for our newsletter if you are not already receiving it. Find us now on Facebook too! Newsletters will be posted here making easier for you to invite your friends.

Enjoy all the Florida seasonal items!

Thanks for being a valuable customer!

Missing limes from last time should be in your box this time in addition to items listed below. (Eggplant for CG as well)

Please remember substitutions may occur. Any time an item is missing without a substitution, talk to your host. You will be able to get something extra the following pick up. (Once in a while an expected item does not arrive in time or is pulled from inventory for quality reasons.) except half shares: sometimes items do not split so you receive full portion of something else. Any time you have a question or concern, just talk to your host. We are happy to work with you to resolve any issue.

Regular box $52 / half $28
Green beans - LOCAL
Bok Choy - FL possibly local
Red radishes with top - FL
Romaine lettuce - FL
Tomatoes small Roma - FL
Red peppers
Red potatoes
Tangelo Orlando - FL
Concord pears

Fruit box $23
Fuji apples
Star fruit - local
White grapefruit choice - FL

Add ons: preorder through host by Saturday noon, please). I need to reserve Sunday and Monday for other family commitments.

$2.50 bunch Green Kale
$5 Garlic & locally grown thyme
$5 cremini mushrooms

Organic Eggs - supply has been spotty so substitutions may occur
Free range $5.20 dozen (may substitute with pastured conventional)
Pastured organic (soy free) $6.50

FL Raw orange blossom honey $16 quart / $30 half gallon. ($1 refund on all quart jars & $2 refund on 1/2 gallon jugs). Please help us recycle.

Olive oil $10

Tropical Traditions:
Coconut expeller pressed $16 quart / $45 gallon
Coconut virgin $68 gallon (sold out. LMK if you want to order)

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