Sunday, March 8, 2015

Produce order for Tuesday,

Substitutions may occur. Any missing items credited following pick up. Half shares may not get everything listed.

Regular box $52 / half $28
Celery - FL
Cucumbers mini
Green beans -FL
Mini Red Romaine lettuce - FL
Red Chard -FL
Grape Tomatoes
Purple top Turnips
Valencia oranges choice -FL

Fruit box $23
Kent Mangoes
Cameo Apples
Golden Pineapple

Add ons: preorder through host by Saturday.

$2.50 bunch Green Kale - FL
$5 Red onions & cilantro FL
$5 Red peppers - FL

Organic Eggs -
Free range $5.20 dozen
Pastured (soy free) $6.50 - LOCAL is back!!!

FL Raw orange blossom honey $16 quart / $30 half gallon. ($1 refund on all quart jars & $2 refund on 1/2 gallon jugs).

Olive oil $10

Tropical Traditions:
Coconut expeller pressed $16 quart

Talk to host about coffee and meat options

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