Friday, March 20, 2015

Produce order for Tuesday,

Produce order for Tuesday,
March 24th

Substitutions may occur. Any missing items credited following pick up. Half shares may not get everything listed.

Regular box $52 / half $28
Romaine lettuce FL
Cremini mushrooms
Sweet mini peppers FL
Broccoleaf FL
Roma Tomatoes
Red potatoes
Snow peas
Valencia oranges FL
Black plums

Fruit box $23
Mulberries (will sub with blackberries if not available)
Tangelo minneola
Bosc pears

Add ons: preorder through host by Saturday.

$2.50 bunch Green Kale - FL
$5 baby bok choy
$5 Bicolor corn (4 ears) - FL

Eggs -
Pastured (soy free) $5.50 LOCAL is back!!! All organic and farm grown feed

FL Raw orange blossom honey $16 quart / $30 half gallon. ($1 refund on all quart jars & $2 refund on 1/2 gallon jugs).

Olive oil $10

Tropical Traditions:
Coconut expeller pressed $16 quart

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