Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Produce order for Tuesday, Mar. 22th, 2016

Produce order for Tuesday, Mar. 22th, 2016

Substitutions may occur
Regular box $52 / half $28

Avocados Hass
Kohlrabi FL
Romaine lettuce - FL
Red tomatoes - FL
White mushrooms
Butterkin squash
Cameo apples
Strawberries FL

Fruit box $23
Blood Oranges

Juice box $25
Carrots rainbow
Baby Spinach
Naval choice oranges

Add ons: preorder through host, need to meet minimums to order add ons (14) & juice box (9) items

$2.50 bunch green kale
$5 parsley & red onions (need 12 orders total for this price)

Eggs -
Let your host know if you are interested in local, soy free pastured eggs $7.50 dozen. Availability may be spotty

Oils: coconut Expeller pressed. $14 quart Ball/Mason jar $1 refund on quart jars, $2 refund in half gallon jars
Gallon price: $45 (plus deposit of $4 for 2 half gallon glass jars)

Honey - raw, unfiltered FL Orange Blossom $30 half gallon

Chocolates - dark chocolate with 3 varieties inside filling: chocolate, peppermint, & orange. $6 for 8 pieces
Soy, sugar & dairy free, sweetened with honey.

Sanki Krono Wellness System Trial offer: 3 day pack for $12 or 2 week pack for $50

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