Monday, August 4, 2008

Final Order for August 8th

Announcements: Please note that the price of eggs has risen to $3.50 per dozen. If you would like to order organic eggs from free range hens, let your host know. These must be pre-ordered. Replacement items listed at the bottom are for groups who had missing items the previous order. Thank you for your patience! There will sometimes be adjustments due to pricing and availability. We will do our best!
We look forward to seeing you on Friday! Pick up time is from 3 - 5 PM. Arrange late pick ups with your host. In Coral Gables: Elsie 305-323-0018. In Redlands: Cyndi 786-251-1000 or Martha 786-423-4308. In Cutler Bay: Lori 786-246-6035 In Doral: Daniela 305-772-1365. Please donate any clean recycled bags for us to use and remember to return your blue tote bag. And for your convenience, you may switch out any item in your bag for something on the bonus table.
Thank you for "co-op"erating!
Cyndi and Martha
Regular Share:
green beans
green butter lettuce (double portion for Cutler Bay and Doral)
green leaf lettuce (Redlands and Coral Gables)
cremini mushrooms
red onions
yukon gold potatoes
green peppers
zucchini squash
blackberries (Redlands and Cutler Bay)
raspberries (Coral Gables and Doral)

Fruit Share:
oranges (double portion for Cutler Bay)
plums (Redlands and Coral Gables)
Replacement items:
apricots - regular share (Coral Gables)
raspberries - regular share (Cutler Bay)
watermelon - fruit share (Coral Gables and Cutler Bay)