Monday, October 6, 2014

Produce News
 It will be a busy week for many co-op members this week.  We have so much going on!  Heather is coordinating the bulk food items.  Heather's deadline to order is Monday, today!, so act quick for the best deal.   Christy Booz is handling the annual unpasteurized almond order.   She is giving customers till the end of the month to order.     I will be taking orders for the honey and oils.  Deadline to order this is Friday, Oct. 10th.  Payment will confirm your order for these items.  Details below!

Let us know how we are doing.  I am doing my best to juggle the budget and what is available seasonally.  We have on occasion taken advantage of "choice" items which make our bags fuller, giving us the most value for our money.  But these items do not always look as pretty.  Don't be deceived!  The food is just as nutritious and gives you the biggest bang for your buck.    Speaking of "choice", did you know that ugly veggies are the latest French fashion?  
Check out this link to learn more:
 I know there are a growing number of options out there for you to consider, but I would love to hear and share some of your stories about why you have chosen Healthy Habits for your family's produce.  Share some of your favorite recipes too!  Let's encourage one another to live healthier and have fun in the process.

Look this week for a price list in your bag from our new sponsor, Alesia Wilson.  She is offering all handmade natural products so that you can pampered yourself inside and out from head to toe! 
Our Redlands host position has been filled. 
You will be pleased to know that our new Redlands host is Helen Alspaugh.  She lives just around the corner from Jena who will continue as her helper for now.  Thank you, Helen, for stepping up to the plate.  Pick up time is: 4-6pm   Address: 15805 SW 242 Street   Email:
Important news for Group Openings
If you or someone you know would be interested in hosting in the Southwest Kendall area let me know.  We will have to build the group to 12 full confirmed members to reopen but have been hovering at half full for a while.  Help us get the word out.  South Miami has a few openings available.  Contact Carmen at 786-501-4108 if you are interested.  Miami Springs has a couple of open spots.  We welcome you to try a share.  Contact Julie at 786-295-1971.  Cutler Bay also has an opening.  Contact JJ at 920-819-3353.  Ask for a full or a half box.  Extras are always available for you to customize.   Just communicate ahead to the host what you need. 
Check it out  We are not going to continue with the increased price in South Miami.  Instead, I will be offering a $5 bag of herbs/onions and possibly another extra item.  This week the extra item will be a $5 bag with 6 ears of Bicolor corn.  Customers who want kale on a regular basis should order that for $2.50 bunch.  Let your host know if you want these items in your bag.  Limited supply.
This week in your box
Please keep in mind substitutions may occur due to pricing and availability.
Items in green are regionally grown.
Full ($52)/Half ($23) Box this week
Local Avocado
Green beans
Rainbow chard
Red Beets with tops
Green butter lettuce (2 heads)
Cremini Mushrooms
Red Potatoes
Grape tomatoes
Yellow squash
Bosc Pears
Red plums

Fruit Box ($23)
Local Persimmon (Triumph, if available.  May have to sub with Fuyu)
Black Seedless Grapes
McIntosh Apples

Herb/Onion bag ($5) - order Monday through your host
Sweet white onions - 2 lb
Local Garlic Chives - 1 bunch
Bicolor Corn - 6 ears ($5) - order Monday through your host

Kale - $2.50 bunch

Clean Meats Options
These items are often frozen before the products' freeze or use by dates to ensure quality.
Here's what's available:
ORG Applegate sweet Italian sausages ($7.20)
ORG Gluten Free breaded chicken breasts ($6.20)
Bell & Evans Organic boneless skinless thighs ($10 per tray pack, approx 1.75 lb each)
Bell & Evans organic drumsticks ($5.40 per tray approx 1.5 lb each)
Plainville Farms ground turkey ($4.40 per 1 lb package)
Introducing a new clean pork: duBreton ABF pork back ribs ($6.60 lb) Each rack is individually wrapped and weighs approximately 1 1/2 pounds.  Please note these package weights will vary so your order total for this item will be confirmed on Tuesday.  Tell me how many racks you want.  Only 10 racks available.  Look for more great pork products like this in the near future.
Case prices  Minimum of 2 week notice to order.
In an effort to supply what is difficult to find at the local store, I want to offer these cases to you at wholesale prices.  Prices listed are by the pound.  I just ask that you add a 10% handling fee to your case order's total. 
All Grass-fed, certified organic beef from Dakota
5 lb box    rib eye steaks      $24.40 lb
5 lb box    NY strip steaks     $24.20 lb
4 1/2 lb box    skirt steaks     $18.60 lb
25 lb box    flank steaks       $15.50 lb
Remember to contact me directly with your meat order.  Email is best.   
Include your name, phone #, and pick up location.
Produce and Bulk Food Members
These are the current prices for honey, oils and other Tropical Traditions items.  You may order from this list directly through me.  Some will be available by the October 16th divide day.  Other items will not arrive till later.  You are welcome to order now and pick up at one of our produce locations or make arrangements with me to pick up at my home.  Please pay at time of ordering.  Paypal or Dwolla preferred, or you may send me a check.  My address is at the bottom of this email.
Organic Kale ($2.50 per bunch) will be available each produce day.  Order through your host by Saturday.
Raw FL Orange Blossom Honey - $30 half gallon, $16 for Mason/Ball quart jar, $9 for Mason/Ball pint jars ($2 refund on jars)

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil $10 for 25.4 fl oz. - First Cold Pressed, totally raw and unfiltered, high antioxidant/Polyphenols, single varietal koroneiki

Items from Tropical Traditions
Coconut Oil Expeller Pressed ($16 Mason/Ball quart jar with $2 refund on jar; $45 gallon, please supply a clean gallon size container).  I will be ordering more within the next week or two. Currently only 6 in the quart size available.  (up to 4 gallons available once we get the new pail)
Organic Coconut Flour:  Our family eats Gluten Free so I am always looking for good wholesome foods to supplement.  Tropical Traditions has a ton of recipes online using this healthy, high protein flour.  $10 per bag, 2.2 lb each.   (4 bags available)

 All Natural Insect Bug Repellent ($6.50) 4 oz. bottle, ingredients include: purified water, org virgin coconut oil, org jojoba, plant based emulsifying wax, grapefruit seed extract, org virgin palm oil, and org essential oils of citronella, lemongrass, catnip, peppermint and tansy.  (6 bottles available)

Coming soon! Let me know what items from the following list you would be interested in so I can meet case minimums.

Organic Gold Label Virgin Coconut oil
$68 gallon/$26 quart mason jar.  This is the highest quality available through Tropical Traditions.  It's unrefined, has all the great scent of coconut that you love, and maximum nutrients.  Unsure which oil is best for you?  Visit Tropical Traditions website and see their comparison chart found under their FAQ tab.  (6 gallons case)

Org Coconut Cream concentrate is also on my list of things to get.  $21 quart  Also known as Coconut butter.  Use just a teaspoon in your blender with 8 oz of filtered water to make your own coconut milk.  Use as butter on toast or put a dollop in your coffee for a rich & creamy, non-dairy alternative.  Also great in smoothies!  (12 quarts case)

Grade B Maple Syrup organic  Case orders only!  Case price listed
6 (16 oz) glass bottles - $120
Bulk  128 oz glass bottle - $115
Organic Tomato Products Case orders only!  Case price listed
    Whole Peeled Tomatoes  6 jars (18.3 oz)   $22
    Crushed Tomatoes  6 jars (18.3 oz)   $22
    Diced Tomatoes  6 jars (18.3 oz each)  $22
    Spaghetti Sauce  12 jars (25 oz case)  $58
    Spicy Tomato & Roasted Garlic Sauce  6 jars (20 oz)   $32
    Tomato Paste  12 jars (7 oz)  $26

Bulk food order this month!
Take advantage of lowest prices when ordering now. 
Bulk food orders only go in every four months. 
For the large list of dry goods, contact Heather at  Divide day is at Pinelands Presbyterian Church in Cutler Bay on Oct 16th.  If you place an order with her it is imperative that you be involved.  Get the details from her.  Orders need to be placed this week.
Unpasterized Almonds:  If you would like to order the delicious, unpasteurized almonds from CA, Christy Booz is taking care of the ordering for this specialty item. Please see the note below and contact her directly.  These almonds are ordered annually.
BTW: She also does milk! 

Note from Christy
Hello Everyone,
The annual almond order time is now!  Orders are due by October 18th. This year's price is $7.50/lb.  We will be receiving the new 2014 crop of nuts!  The almond is a high-protein, high-fiber food.  Almonds are rich in Vitamin E, magnesium and potassium.
These are unpasteurized almonds, which are now virtually impossible to buy retail due to changes in CA's laws several years ago.  The almonds can be soaked/sprouted for increased nutritional value and digestibility.  After soaking, the almonds can be thrown into a smoothie or eaten out of hand, or even dehydrated so they are crunchy again.  They can be used to make almond milk too.
Almonds will store up to a year in your pantry at room temperature, 2 years in the fridge, or indefinitely in the freezer.
Please reply to with how many pounds you would like to order.  If you will be seeing me before the end of October bring me a check or cash to cover your order.  If you don't see me regularly, please mail me a check made out to:
    Christy Booz
    9486 Haitian Drive
    Cutler Bay, FL 33189
I pay for these up front, so your payment will confirm your order.  We expect to receive the almonds by early December, I will let you know when they arrive so you can plan on picking them up at my house.